Copper Sheets & Winding Foils

Copper Tubes and PipesWe manufacture many types of Copper and Copper Alloy Tubes and Pipes consumed in specialized applications. These tubes are precisely manufactured by keeping the end product usage in mind.

Dimension Max. Min
Max width in mm 640 10
Thickness in mm 2.6 0.30


  • Transformer Windings
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Radiators
  • Switchgear Industry
  • Cable Lugs
  • Coils for Induction Furnaces

Copper Foil & Tapes

copper_foilsA comprehensive range of Copper Foil that is available in Various thicknesses, widths and sizes is manufactured by us.


  • PCB’s
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Switchgear Industry
  • Radiators
  • Transformers
  • Flexibles (jumpers)
  • Cable Sheathing
Dimension Max. Min
Width (mm) 150.00 5.00
Thickness (mm) 5.00 0.05

For Width 150 mm

Dimension Max. Min
Thickness (mm) 2.6 0.1
For Width 300 mm
Thickness (mm) 0.5 0.1
For Width 1200 mm
Dimension Max. Min
Thickness (mm) As per Requirement 0.5

Copper Bars & Rods

Copper Flats, Strips and Bars are manufactured out of prime copper with purity greater than 99.95%; and conductivity more than 100% IACS (annealed form). Copper flats are available in Hard (H), Half Hard (HB) and Soft (O) conditions and possess bright surface finish and high accuracy. These are made using conform extrusion technology.

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Copper Profiles & Sections

img_2Copper profiles and sections are made through highly advanced conform extrusion technology. The family of copper based profile comes with a wide array of technical properties and fabrication characteristics in parts desired to be extruded. The conform process, with in-house dies and mould shop, gives the benefit of wide range of sizes along with better edge finish and accuracy.

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Copper Strips

We manufacture Copper Strips using quality material. Our range of Copper Strips is available in various thicknesses & dimensions which is extensively used in transformers, automotive and electric industries.

Dimension Max. Min
Width (mm) 150 5.00
Thickness (mm) 10.00 00.15


  • Switchgear Industry: Starters/Main Switches / Circuits Creakers/ HRC Fuses
  • Control Panels
  • Solar System
  • Traction Motor Winding
  • Rotating Machines: DC Motors/ Squirrel Cage Motors / Turbo Generators/ Hydro Generators
  • Electrochemical Applications/ Chemical Plants for Electrolysis

Copper Flats & Bus Bars

We provide Copper Bus Bars which are available in various dimensions, finishes and any size from 6 sq mm to 2500 sq mm. Our range of Bus Bars is suitable for any kind of electro chemical applications, meeting applicable standards like IEC, IS, EN, ASTM.

Dimension Max. Min
Width (mm) 240 5.00
Thickness (mm) 7.00 00.15


  • Switchgear Industry: Starters/ Main Switches/ Circuits Breakers/ HRC Fuses
  • Control Panels
  • Bus Ducts
  • Earthing
  • Electrochemical Applications/ Chemical Plants for Electrolysis

Railway Overhead Electric Wires

Item Description Dimension   Square  
HDGC Copper Contact Wire 107 Sq mm / 150 Sq mm / 193 Sq mm
Catenary Wire 65 Sq mm

Overhead wires are used to transmit electrical energy to trams, trolley buses or trains at a distance from the energy supply point. Electric trains that collect their current from an overhead line system use a device such as a pantograph, bow collector, or trolley pole. The device presses against the underside of the lowest wire of an overhead line system, the contact wire. We manufacture this contact wire usually known as HDGC (Hard Drawn Grooved Copper) contact wire through imported high accuracy five stage drawing machine with PLC controls and computer interface. Being an approved Indian Railway source of HDGC wire supplies, we are also able to cater to the various urban metro rail requirements and typical trolley ropeway overhead requirements.

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Certifications and Approvals
Core Approval Certificate
ISO Approval Certificate (9001 2008)
RDSO Approval Certificate – 65 Sq mm
RDSO Approval Certificate – 107 Sq mm
RDSO Approval Certificate – 150 Sq mm
RDSO Approval Certificate – 193 Sq mm

Paper Covered Copper Conductors

Paper insulated copper conductor/winding wire are mainly utilized in oil cooled transformers. these are made strictly from continuous cast copper rods with minimum 99.97% purity. This insulation using variants are determined through thermal, chemical and mechanical properties of various types of paper. The available types are:

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