Paper Covered Copper Conductors

For winding in oil-cooled transformer, we offer a wide range of winding wires whose insulation is compatible with synthetic and in mineral-oil based cooling agents. Paper-insulated flat and Round wires are manufactured as individual conductor or as multi-conductor (twin or triple). The conductor can be bare rectangular / round copper or enamel rectangular / round copper.

Paper insulated copper conductor/winding wire are mainly utilized in oil cooled transformers. these are made strictly from continuous cast copper rods with minimum 99.97% purity. This insulation using variants are determined through thermal, chemical and mechanical properties of various types of paper. The available types are:

– Insulating kraft paper with standard density
– Kraft paper thermally upgraded high density
– 3 Kraft paper creped with high elasticity
– Nomex paper – 410


Product type and range

  • Round: 0.6 mm to 8 mm
  • Rectangular: 6 sq mm to 90 sq mm cross section area
  • Bunched Rectangular: With individual line of minimum 6 sq mm to 60 sq mm maximum of cross section area with three maximum line of rectangular conductor bounched at a time.
  • Bounched stranded Wire: 10 sq mm to 325 sq mm cross section area

Applicable Standard